Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Sister's Keeper by Edna Curry **

Hey everyone, got another review for you!

I went to Bookrooster.com a few months back and signed up to recieve complimentary copies of ebooks in exchange for my honest review. This is the first one I recieved.

My Sister's Keeper by Edna Curry
Publisher: Unknown
Release Date: April 24, 2011
Pages: Unknown
Edition: Kindle E-Book
Age Group: 16+
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Series: none

Mystery novelist Candi finds herself in trouble way over her head when her sister, Jolene, drops off her baby asking Candi to keep it safe from it's father and disappears. She needs to meet her deadline and doesn't have time to bail Jolene out of trouble for the umpteenth time. She's sick of responsibility. But FBI agent Luke shows up, saying Jolene is part of a jewelry thief gang. Worse, Luke suspets Candi of being one of the thieves herself. Assigned to watch her, he finds himself falling for her and the cute baby, wanting her, but never gets involved with a suspect. Then they find that secrets from the past threaten Candi's whole family.

I found this book to be quite an easy, beach-type read. It didn't take a whole lot of effort to keep me interested. It was a little bit predictable, I saw what the outcome would be maybe halfway through.

Some of the things I didn't really enjoy were the love scenes that seemed to kind of drag on when there wasn't any real reason for them to and some of the scenes weren't very believable to me, they seem seemed a little farfetched.

The characters were well written though. I did feel I could relate to Candi and her issues with everything she had to go through. I also fell in love with Jolene, even though at the beginning she was kind of a pain and seemed very selfish.

Another thing, the relationship between Luke and Candi was a little unnecessary. It seems like the story would've been just fine without their romance thrown in for filler.

Overall, I recommend this for a quick easy read. Happy Reading!

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